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What is important to maintain the copper door?


The most important thing in the use of the copper door of the villa is the need for maintenance. The performance of the copper door is ideal. When making villas or family homes, I believe that more people will choose copper doors. Because of the material of the copper door, its maintenance is ver

Color matching of steel fire doors and how to choose


There are so many kinds of doors, and the role of the door is very large. Nowadays, a steel fire door is popular in the market, mainly in public places such as major supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals, etc., then the color of steel fire doors What are the main ones? How to buy them? Let's

Steel fire door A grade difference


The difference between Class A and Class B fire doors; Different fireproof materials: Class A fire door and Class B fire door frame and door leaf have the same thickness of steel plate. The thickness of the door frame steel plate is 1.2mm, and the thickness of the door leaf plate is 0.8mm. The di

Wooden fire door installation requirements


The wooden fire doors are divided into two series of full and half glass, as well as single and double fans. Pay attention to the following points in the installation of wooden fire doors:

1: The wooden fire door should be a swing door, which must be opened and flexible, and has the funct

Daily life can solve their own security door small problem


As we all know, security door is now indispensable to the family. A reliable quality on the day of the security door means that home security has been a certain amount of security, security door is the main function of anti-theft, followed by decorative landscaping effect. But because of mainte

Anti-theft door often problems and maintenance knowledge


Security door of the full name of "security door", which combines anti-theft and security performance, its greatest feature is the security is strong, with a durable, flexible, beautiful appearance and so on. The following non-standard anti-theft door manufacturers to universal securi

Buy the door, what do you value


Security door dealer how to change it?


Future Dealer Transition Trends
Future trends in the development of dealers have several directions: 1. Have their own brand. Through the buyout business and other forms have their own brand and independent intellectual property rights, with a strong marketing ability to grasp the i

New features of the new dealer


With the intensification of market competition, the rise of flat tide and the rise of hypermarkets, has long been "occupied" channel distribution of the most important position of the traditional dealer groups were once ignored, the existence of the dealer has become available Nothing

Successful security door dealers essential quality


Many dealers feel very confused, they obviously have a lot of advantages, but those well-known enterprises is not interested in their own, but let those who are not as obvious as their own dealer to do the agent. There are some dealers cursed manufacturers do not righteousness, their own manufa

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